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Corporate Identity / Branding

The proper introduction of a consistent corporate image representing your business is paramount.

This key ingredient is extremely important and the vital cornerstone of your success.


Your image must be simple, distinct, identifiable, easily recognizable and memorable. It defines your uniqueness and visually differentiates you from all others. Corporate identity is especially valid when opening a new location or creating a new venture. For many years CREATRAC has created and implemented numerous graphics packages for well-known entities in the hospitality industry.

Branding is a process which encompasses many qualities: your logo, advertising slogan, interior design, service, menu and management style. It commands attention from signage to the entrance mat. Branding is the fabric or your organization blended together purposefully over a period of time. CREATRAC has the knowledge, expertise and experience to manage your corporate

identity and branding needs.

CREATRAC Branding Spotlight:
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